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Humpback whale in Tonga


Simone piccoli in action with dolphins

I started to enjoy underwater videography around 15 years ago, when I had the opportunity to move to Egypt and work as an instructor in the diving industry. At the beginning it was just a passion and hobby. I bought my first pro camera (Sony H1 with a SubSpace housing and monitor) and then, a few years later, I created my production company, and from that moment onwards things changed completely. Before, I was taking pictures and video, but later on I decided to concentrate only on videography. I studied and watched thousands of tutorials and different movies, and then I put what I saw into practice. I never stopped, and, still today, I love watching movies and getting inspiration from other producers.

I was extremely lucky to enjoy many epic underwater encounters, and the Red Sea in particluar has given me a lot of opportunities. But I think my most memorable footage was shot two years ago when I went to Tonga to shoot humpback whales. It was my dream since childhood to swim with these gentle giants, and it was an unbelievable experience. Swimming with whales and listening to their songs is something that is very difficult to explain, and being alone with them in the middle of the ocean is beyond comparison. I have had the opportunity to film many species of sharks and other large animals, but the whales captured my soul.


"I now understand why film festivals keep throwing prizes at you! You managed to coach your clients so well, that we actually sound interesting and intelligible! - you are very talented Directors! I love your films! You create fascinating projects and products that inspire and impact people all over the globe"...

Hussain Aga Khan  founder of Focused On Nature


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